Eldorado Red by Donald Goines


Book Overview
Based on the author's own personal experience of heroin addiction when he was discharged from the Air Force, this fast-paced, fast-talking novel takes us straight to the heart of ghetto life with all its fear and hatred. When Donald Goines was discharged from the Air Force, he was addicted to heroin. To support his habit, he staged the robbery of a local numbers house. And from that experience came Eldorado Red. It's the vicious story of crooks who get richer with the dollars of the ghetto poor. He's got it knocked: new cars, mellow women, and plenty of money. Then he learns that treachery falls at the feet of his own son! "All those [other black] writers, no matter how well they dealt with the black experience, appealed largely to an educated, middle-class, largely white readership. They brought news of one place to the residents of another. Goines' novels, on the other hand, are written from ground zero. They are almost unbearable. It is not the educated voice of a writer who has, so to speak, risen above his background, it is the voice of the ghetto itself." --Michael Covino, The Village Voice This description may be from another edition of this product.